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“We’ve been with Terry forever. I’ve known Terry since she was in college. I have the upmost confidence in Ana and Terry.
Anytime I have a question about Kiri’s program, schedule or anything, Terry always gets back to me right away.”
- CC Parent


Angel works really great with HS and seems to really understand him! I’m really happy that Angel keeps us well informed of his progress as to where he is at and all.” 
- Parent


 “I would rate the lessons at a 5 as 5 being excellent. JT has received a 3 in writing for the first time in school with Allie’s help. We really like Allie”
- Parent


“JB loves Ana so much! Some days she’s not too excited to go to daycare, but when I say that Teacher Ana is going to be there, she jumps up and excited to go!”
- Parent


“MM was really happy with Joey. She was behind because of missing classes for sports and was not able to keep up.
Joey showed her a few tricks and things and was able to get her back up to par. Also, she did really well on her finals.
This is my daughters future and we will definitely use Joey again next school year.”
- Parent


“I am really happy with the lessons and how they are planned. Ana is really thoughtful about her lessons and I’m really happy that they are targeted specifically for ID and not cookie cutter lessons. After 2-3 weeks of Spanish lessons, she was re-evaluated by her teacher and had made a SIX MONTH jump. And for my other daughter, PD, Ana always knows how to make it fun and interesting for her. Even goes to the Library to get Spanish videos and books. Ana is very caring and is always going out of her way to make the lessons enjoyable!”
- Parent

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